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Steps in Transcription Process

The doctor's dictation is captured through Dictaphone in our server and then converted in to digital format and stored in our secured web server. Dictation systems we use are available at 24x7 and allow medical professionals to dictate from anywhere and at anytime using a touch-tone phone or a cell phone. These voice files are later accessed by transcribers who can then provide quality, accurate transcription.

Electronic Submission
Voice files can be transmitted from your personal computer or server to our secure central server via the web at any time. It requires only a simple mouse click. All transmissions containing patient information are encrypted for HIPAA compliance. We use Digital Dictation System and are flexible to accept any other kind of Digital Dictation System.

When Trident receives dictation files, medical transcriptionists access the files for transcription. The resulting report goes through a rigorous multi-level quality assurance process. Once our healthcare professionals complete their review, the transcribed medical report files are placed on our secure server and are available for distribution and delivery.

Distribution and Delivery
When the transcribed medical report files become available, it is a one step process to download them from our secure server to your personal computer or server. Of course this transmission is also encrypted. Downloaded medical files are returned as Microsoft Word documents allowing immediate review, editing, distribution, and printing. Reports are then electronically stored for easy retrieval and access. 








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