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HIPAA Standards

Trident Teleservices LLC provides a fully HIPAA compliant medical transcription service.

HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which details the guidelines and requirements to ensure the privacy and security of patient healthcare information.

Our medical transcription services take all steps necessary to ensure that all HIPAA privacy and security requirements are met. Technically, this includes ensuring that all transmissions use 128 bit encryption. We host all patient and medical record data on secure servers in a carrier-class environment. Access to all data is limited and all access is tracked. On a broader level, compliance includes ensuring that everyone who has access to any health information at any time has been properly trained to understand the requirements for HIPAA compliance. They also sign contractual agreements to ensure that our privacy requirements as a Business Associate are completely met.

As a healthcare provider, you are obliged to follow HIPAA's rules for covered entities. Contact us for assistance identifying ways to enhance your health information workflow and ensure overall HIPAA compliance. 




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